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Hello! I'm Harry

I'm a freelance developer focused on projects which are technically interesting and have a positive social impact

I’m a full-stack .NET developer with 14 years of experience working on web and native applications. As a full-stack developer, I’m comfortable working with Azure-native applications, micro-services, databases, content management systems, websites, native apps and integrating across them all. This makes me an ideal choice for small teams and solo projects.

As a contractor I aim to bring professionalism and enthusiasm in spades. I’m here to help and will do everything I can to make the project a success

I'm also an active member of the Umbraco community. I have previously co-hosted the Edinburgh Umbraco Users Group with Owain Jones and Tom Madden, a bimonthly tech Meetup in Edinburgh.

I'm trying to write more on interesting topics: my latest posts are about the dangers of using Umbraco page models as view models and rewriting an Umbraco 8 website using Astro (this website!).

Core competencies

As a developer, my focus is primarily on building cloud-native .NET 6 applications that utilise the power of Azure through Functions, Service Bus and other tools such as Cosmos DB. I'm also passionate about integrating across the stack, whether I'm designing the API for another team/client or doing front and backend myself.

I'm happy working on the front-end, whether that's with a framework or vanilla JavaScript. I've recently worked with both React and Angular.

.NET Core
Continuous Integration
Entity Framework
Cosmos DB


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I work with a small number of clients to allow me to really focus on their needs.

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I enjoy a project that allows me to dig into a challenge, whether it's technical, user experience or organisational.

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By choosing work carefully I ensure that I always bring a high level of enthusiasm and technical contributions to a project

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I'm communicative, patient and always aim to trust in the expertise of those around me. We're in this together!

Working together

If you have an questions about my skillset or might want to work together don't hesitate to get in touch.

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