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As a software engineer I write and present on a variety of topics that interest me and hopefully my peers. If you'd like to see any particular topic covered please get in touch!

Umbraco locking and scope handling

May 17, 2024

A discussion of locking issues and the possible role of Umbraco scope handling.

Rebuilding with Astro and Umbraco 13

Apr 3, 2024

I rebuilt my static Umbraco site using Astro, a new static-first JavaScript framework with a promising feature set. Here's what I learnt on the way.

Accidentally exposing user data by extending the Umbraco page model

Feb 26, 2024

Intuitively, most Umbraco developers treat the page model as a view model (it goes to the view, right?) but some ways of extending the page model can introduce critical security flaws.

Getting started with Github Actions and .NET 5

May 17, 2022

GitHub Actions seems to be a hot-topic but can it hold up to Azure Pipelines for .NET CI/CD?

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